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Ascentia Sports Management

Ascentia Sports Management specialises in the management and intermediation of football players. Ascentia Sports Management is a multi-skilled sports management agency and it’s our mission to offer a bespoke management structure and professional support for both established and aspiring world-class players. We adjust our services to suit the needs of each of our clients. The protection of the rights and integrity of our clients is essential.

We specialize in the management of football players and we are here to help our clients maximize their professional careers. Ascentia Sports Management personalises our services such that they are not only known for playing a sport but also become the face of it. Our expertise spans from competition scheduling and contract negotiations to brand development and media relations. Our solid dedication to the highest-quality reflects in everything we do.

Premier of the sports management industry and supporters to PR, we are authentic storytellers and lively thinkers, professionally navigating ever-changing terrains. Through personal branding, financial planning and player representation, we accompany our clients in creating new platforms, finding their voice and connecting with their supporters.

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We are sports lawyers, agents, registered intermediaries, and mentors. Ascentia Sports Management pride itself on creating a personalized relationship with our clients. Through this, we are able to put the needs of our clients first and ensure we deliver a full range of services that are required for all sporting experts. Our wide range of sports management services include:

  • Marketing the player to clubs.
  • Negotiating the playing contract.
  • Financial planning referrals.
  • Negotiating the player’s endorsement contracts.
  • Dispute resolution and tribunal support.
  • Career and post-career planning.
  • Acting as a mentor and a sounding board for a player’s concerns.
  • Risk management and legal issues.

why choose us

Ascentia Sports Management is a team of individuals whose own experience means they are professional at identifying the desires of today’s footballers and the players of the future and giving them access to a diverse professional network.
Our major partners include asset managers, estate agencies, law firms and concierge service providers. Ascentia Sports Management is equipped to manage all types of issues, by drawing on the experience of some distinguished experts.