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Player Representation

We offer our clients the needed tools that will help them in honing their skills and achieve their goals without neglecting their performance. We pursue the management of our clients to ensure that the relationship between themselves, clubs and other parties involves is mutually beneficial. 

Financial Management

At Ascentia Sports Management, we do whatever it takes to assist our clients to reach the highest level of personal and professional success. For many years, we have developed a top-notch financial management structure taking into account every part of a professional player lifestyle. 

With an emphasis on the financial success of our clients, we do more than just negotiating contracts and securing sponsorship deals. At Ascentia Sports Management, we offer a wide range of financial planning services for our clients. From International tax planning & administration, tax-efficient structuring of playing & image rights contracts, image rights protection & exploitation, personal wealth management, retirement planning to charity formation, we offer a wealth of financial planning and management services that are second to none.

Risk Management

As our client, we will offer you an all-inclusive review of your health, home, auto, life and different insurance policies to ensure the protection of your assets and family. As your financial management team, we are here to look out for your best interests and advice you against speculative investments, predatory scams and any wealth draining influences.  

Conduct Contract Negotiations

Ascentia Sports Management will check what our clients want and what a football club will offer and find the best way to make both sides happy. During later contract negotiations, Ascentia Sports Management may look at what other teams will offer a player. We will also handle negotiations before a player signs an endorsement deal with a major company.

Forge Trusting Relationships

Forming a relationship is one of the most important things that a sporting agency can do. This will help us to know more about our client and what the player think is essential. We will set up a meeting with our client’s family and we will work hard in helping our players get a contract that will them stay close to their family. 

Educational Planning

Normally, every professional footballer would study finance at university so that they can know about investments, money management and contracts. However, this is not the case because any degree is better than none. By having a solid education and certificate to prove it, you will be able to find a good job after your sporting career

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The Process is easy if you are a professional and looking to seek help with distributing your profile. Simply register your account, Upload your required information and we will be in touch. 

The set up process is completely free however there will be a cost if you have a successful contract negotiated with a professional club

We will distribute your contract to agents all across the world.  Your profile will be viewed by some of the best experts out there. 

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If you are successful our team will begin touch with you on updates 

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